West Virginia Off Grid Living

Survive & Thrive Expo

October 3-5, 2025

Join in on the fun at the West Virginia State Fair Grounds! Learn about survival from the experts, meet the pros, and shop our vendors!

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Adults (18 yrs and older) – $12.00
Kids (17 yrs and under) – $5.00
Babies (3 yrs and under) – FREE

About the Expo:

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October 3-5, 2025

WV State Fair Grounds, 947 Maplewood Ave, Lewisburg WV 24901.

Join us at the West Virginia Off Grid Living Survive & Thrive Expo to showcase related products, equipment, talents, experts, businesses, and to cater to thousands who are interested in flint knapping, bush craft, modern & primitive survival, off grid living equipment and supplies, tactical gear, wild edibles and medicinal plants, overlanding and more!

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You Are Either Prepared....or You Are Not!

Learn about: Self Preparedness (Individuals, Families, & Communities for Manmade or Natural Disasters), Modern & Primitive Field Craft (Including Living History Demos), Off grid Energy Options & Innovations, The Faith, not Fear, Mindset (Faith in One’s Skills, Gear, & God), Animals of the Homestead (Meat Rabbits, Laying Hens, Goats, etc), Homestead Security (Tactical Systems, Weapons, & Strategies), Off Grid Survival & Camping Gear, Beekeeping on the Homestead, Hunting & Fishing Outfitters, Guide Services, & Off Grid Workshops, Short & Long-Term Survival meals, Off Grid Emergencies and Strategies, Overlanding Vehicles, Gardening on the Homestead, Cheese, Butter, Soap, & More Homestead Essentials, Food & Water Procurement, Processing, Purifying, Preservation (Canning, Dehydration, Freeze Drying), Wild Edibles & Medicinal Plants, Survival Traps & Snares, Cordage, Shelters, Knives, & Cooking/Warming Fires, Hide Tanning, and more!

Meet the Pros & Experts with Short Workshops (Including Celebrity Survivalists & Off Grid

Vendors, Vendors, and more VENDORS!

The Opportunity to Become Better Prepared & Self Reliant to Survive & Thrive Off Society’s Power Grid & to Network with Likeminded Folks

A Chance to Reconnect with the Lost Survival Ways that our Ancestors Practiced Daily

Join In On The Fun!


Can’t come but want to be noticed?

Become a Sponsor to promote your business or organization with high visibility signage at the venue.

Showcase your business with Signage for the entire weekend with one of these packages:

  • The Individual Self-Preparedness Package: One 18″ X 20″ Sign at the venue and free admission for two for one day. $250.00
  • The Self-Reliance Homesteader Package: One 3′ X 5′ Sign and free admission for four individuals (one day). $500.00
  • The God and Guns Patriot Package: Two 3′ X 5′ Signs, free admission for six individuals (two days). $1,200.00
  • The Ultimate Off-Grid Survivalist Package: Two 3′ X 5′ Signs, free admission for ten individuals (all three days), On-Site Dinner with the Celebrity Guests (Donor and immediate family members only), and exclusive access to the VIP Event Snack and Refreshments area. $1,500.00


Non-Profit Vendors – $50


  • 10′ x 10′ Space, One Table – $120
  • 10′ x 20′ Space, Two Tables – $240
  • 10′ x 30′ Space, Three Tables – $360
Vendors, this is not a flea market. No second-hand products. The only exceptions are military surplus items.

Meet The Guest Experts

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Joel Salatin “The Lunatic Farmer”! World renown sustainment & homestead farmer. Author of numerous books including Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World. You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise. Pastured Poultry Profits. Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal. The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs: Respecting and Caring For All God’s Creation, and many more. Joel also is the owner of the famed Polyface Farm featured in many viral YouTube videos. Joel will be appearing on Saturday only. www.polyfacefarms.com www.thelunaticfarmer.com/blog

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From the Discovery Channel’s hit series Naked & Afraid. Reality Show Celebrity Survivalist. Expert Survival Instructor. US Army Combat Veteran. EJ will be participating in meet & greets and sharing his knowledge during this one-of-a-kind weekend only in Greenbrier County West Virginia.

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Jessica Arno
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Photographer, wilderness skills instructor, social media influencer and the owner/operator of Buckeye Bushcraft. Fieldcraft and Wilderness Survival Expert. Certified in Wilderness First Aid by the American Red Cross and is a former instructor at the Pathfinder School. Buckeyebushcraft.com




Primitive Survival Expert. Wild edibles, primitive traps & snares, plant- fiber cordage, Native American pemmican, and more. Multiple- deployed combat veteran. Modern and Primitive Survivalist Instructor for Forest Manna Outdoors, LLC.

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Living History Reenactor, Historian, Educator. Retired Military Cavalry Officer and Paratrooper. Homesteading Expert specializing in homestead livestock, honeybees, making honey mead, birch beer, meat processing, and more.


Please email social media link and include your discipline or specialty. Limited contractual services.

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